Be his guest

"Housemeister is flying high over Berlin, filling the gaps between Techno, Electro and punk. He likes his very own definition of dancefloor craze. After 12 years as dj, his first productions were released in 2002. He released his first album 2006 on Boysnoize Records. “Enlarge Your Dose” reflects his intense life as a master-raver as well as his hilarious brain-twisting humour. The rebel without a pause finds himself well positioned on Bpitchcontrol, Boysnoize Recordsand his ALLYOUCANBEAT label."

Le berlinois est fait pour le dancefloor : un son incisif, puissant, tapageur, bestial. Des similitudes avec Boys Noize et Modeselektor mais pas une pâle copie : Housemeister fait monter sa propre mayonnaise. 
Après être passé par Bpitch Control et Boysnoize Records c'est sur son propre label, All You Can Beat, que Martin Böhm aka Housemeister a sorti son deuxième album Who Is That Noize? datant de 2008 sur lequel on découvre le terrible "In order to dance" en écoute ci-dessous. Second track en écoute : "Famous" sorti l'été dernier. 

Housemeister - In order to dance
AlbumWho Is That Noize
Label : All You Can Beat

Housemeister - Famous
Album : Beef Jerky 2 Premium Cuts
Label : Boysnoize

The man for the last set of your night

"The Israeli pioneer of electronic music, Guy Gerber has repeatedly startled the world with his personal vision of techno which he intertwines with unique and cleverly designed melodies and moving airs that leave no listener indifferent. His lives sets are enjoyed worldwide where people are eager to share in the fresh and distinguished sounds only he has the recipe for. Owner of Supplement Facts, he has found the best means of communicating his passion for harmony and rhythm."

Une de plus grandes pointures de Tech-House, l’Israëlien Guy Gerber a sorti ses morceaux sur des labels aussi divers que : Cocoon, Renaissance, Cadenza, Global Underground, King Street, Kinky Vinyl et Bedrock. Sur ce dernier on retrouve « Stoppage Time »,  titre qui a grandement participé à sa renommée. 
Autre track culte à écouter ci-dessous : « My Space », en collaboration avec Chaim, signé sur son propre label, Supplement Facts (sur lequel il a également distribué son excellent dernier album : My Invisible Romance).

Guy Gerber - Stoppage Time

Guy Gerber - My Space (feat. Chaim)

Techno Trash

Here the track Quasimodo produced by Modek plus 2 tracks remixed by the Belgium artist.

"Starting off with little knowledge of electronical genres, Modek soon realised just how complex it was to make those tracks that made dance halls blow apart. Very soon, he plunged himself into the electronic scene and became a huge fan of producers and DJs of the likes of SebastiAn, Justice, Erol Alkan, Boys Noize, etc.
Today, Modek’s tracks are being picked up and supported by a lot of Djs all around the world. With releases on respected labels such as Mental Groove and Dim Mak and a spot on the WKA roster, he keeps growing and expanding his fan base and is ready to take over Europe and the world!"

Modek - Quasimodo (Original Mix)

Konovalov - Smile Now (Modek Remix) TEASER

Mustard Pimp & Jimmy Urine - Money Shot (Modek Remix) PREVIEW

Artist : Modek
Label : Keatchen Records

Techno Slave

Retour en 2008 avec ce track qui n'a pas vieilli et qui prouve la parfaite maîtrise de la composition musicale de Kiko, artiste trop méconnu comparé à ses camarades Grenoblois The Hacker, Miss Kittin ou encore Oxia.

Kiko - Slave Of My Mind

Artist : Kiko
Album : Slave Of My Mind
Label : Different

Electronic (atmo)spheres

Le Lyonnais Sébastien Devaud est de retour avec un album très attendu et qui ne déçoit pas.
Impermanence, le troisième album d'Agoria a été produit avec la collaboration de Carl Craig, Seth Troxler, Kid A et Scalde.

Agoria - Little Shaman (Featuring Scalde)

"Five years after the "Green Armchair", InFiné is proud to announce the release of Agoria´s Impermanence this week in France and in the rest of Europe all over February. When we started the adventure four years ago, we knew the shadow of Sebastien Devaud would guide us into the electronic spheres. We feel today that we have reached a new level of maturity with the release of his third album.

With “Impermanence”, Agoria has created an album that is at the same time constantly changing while also having a unique flow and mood of its own. While the range and sensibility of his productions still cover a wide and varied musical spectrum, his command of contrasts proves to be even more refined than ever; it comes within reach of a near-perfect balance between cold and warm atmospheres, light and dark, mind and guts. « Before, my music often felt dark and maybe a bit forced. This time I just let things happen and everything just fell in its right place », he says."

Here is new album glimpse:

Agoria - Impermanence (7.38 minutes Origami mish mash)

: Agoria
Album : Impermanence
Label : InFiné

Italian Sound System

Minicoolboyz - Rimmer Man (Marka T remix)

"MiniCoolBoyz  is from Milano, Italy. Born in 1984, Mike and Raphael discovered electronic music in 2000. They began following italian nightlife and participating in the most important european festivals such as "I Love Techno" in Belgium and "Timewarp" in Germany. During those travels abroad they discovered the magical feeling between Djs and the crowd. Growing up, they began to appreciate new sounds, expecially for the ones created by the techno guru Richie Hawtin, aka Plastikman. 
Mike and Raphael changed deeply their musical tastes: their current style is a minimal techno music with with detroit and tech-house influences. In 2006 a new project appeared: MiniCoolBoyz "

This track was remixed by Marka T aka Gianluca Marcati, fromVenezia, Italy.

Artists : MiniCoolBoyz, Marka T
Label : SCI+TEC Digital Audio


La compilation Werkschau ("Showcase" en anglais) de BPitch Control, le label allemand fondé par Ellen Allien, retrace les 12 ans du label avec 17 tracks inédits, dont ces deux bijoux de Paul Kalkbrenner et Ellen Allien.

"Imagine you had the job of representing your entire life in the form of seventeen songs - a difficult task? Unsolvable? BPitch Control has attempted to do just that, packing a turbulent twelve-year label history onto one silver disc."

Ellen Allien - The Kiss

Paul Kalkbrenner - Plätscher

01. Cormac - The Present
02. Ellen Allien - The Kiss
03. We Love - Harmony Of The Spheres
04. Dillon & Coma - Aiming For Destruction
05. AGF/Delay - Most Beautiful Kill
06. TimTim - How We Moove
07. Sascha Funke - Hiddensee
08. Kiki & Lenz - Morning Maniacs
09. Zander VT - Gotta Look Up To Get Down
10. Jahcoozi - Day In Day Out
11. Mr. Statik - Sinphony feat. The Boy
12. Aerea Negrot - Deutsche Werden
13. Thomas Muller - West
14. Chaim - The Country
15. Paul Kalkbrenner - Plaetscher
16. Mark Broom - Refund
17. Telefon Tel Aviv - The Sky Is Black feat. Robin Guthrie

Artist : Various Artists (compiled by Ellen Allien)
Album : Werkschau
Label : BPitch Control