Spicy Music

Olivier Giacomotto vient de sortir un nouvel EP sur le label de John Acquaviva, Definitive Recordings,  avec qui il a déjà collaboré, notamment sur le fameux "Walking on the Moog" qui a cartonné en 2006. Producteur et remixeur demandé, le Bordelais est un must en live. 

" We all know Olivier Giacomotto is a studio master, but with this ep – for those who know – he lets on that he is a spice master as well. The hottest chili pepper on earth with something like a crazy 2 million or so scoville units, the Noga Jolokia starts off very tasty & spicy and just keeps going till it burns. Paying homage to this killer chili, the track is a builder that just keeps winding you up and leaves you tingling afterwards. Jumbo Rhino is the double A-side with Rhino being the new key word for Bomb "

Olivier Giacomotto - Naga Jolokia (Superskank Remix)

Olivier Giacomotto - Jumbo Rhino (DJ Tonio Remix)

Artist : Olivier Giacomotto
Album : Naga Jolokia EP
Label : Definitive Recordings


I Want I Want...

Je suis un duo allemand electro qui a sorti quelques bombes sonores mémorables tel que Idealistic, Zdarlight, Jupiter Room et Pogo. J'ai produit de nombreux remix de The Presets, The Futureheads, Daft Punk, Tiga, Klaxons, White Stripes, Depeche Mode, Cut Copy, Monk. Mon dernier single sorti sur Kitsuné Music en novembre 2010 s'appelle Blitz. Je suis....

"For years man has watched the stars above in a bid to understand how the galaxy was created. 
For German electronic duo Digitalism, it was not a case of understanding this mystery above us but recording it.
"Blitz" is the long awaited single from the electronic astronauts who have created a big bang theory of their own.
It's a synth supernova that explodes through the speakers, bringing with it a euphoric state of consciousness as we too look to the stars and while we may know there are far greater things happening within this moment, all you can do is dance.
Orbiting the dance world's conscience for years with the singles "Idealistic", "Zdarlight", "Jupiter Room" and "Pogo", "Blitz" marks the start of the long journey home for Jens Moelle and İsmail  Tüfekçi' as their heroic space odyssey nears closer to earth.
But now we must embrace the anti-gravity movements Digitalism have beamed down in anticipation for their return in the form of "Blitz" and the all-consuming space groove of "Stratosphere".
Discovering a galaxy of new sounds and rhythmic activity, all reports indicate that the boys are almost ready to bring their collective movements back to earth when they release the  long awaited album.
It has been an epic journey that Digitalism are prepared to share, so strap yourself in and get ready for launch."  (official biography)


Daft Punk - Technologic (Digitalism Remix)

Digitalism - Blitz

Digitalism - Anything New


MFC Approved Label = Music For Club

"Both Frederic Berger and Patrick Buck are true boys from Hamburg. They are in their mid 30´s and have had single careers of their own for more than 10 years, but when they joined forces things began to simmer.

They have so much in common that you could think they were twins in mind. Both started to play musical instruments at school and also started their DJ careers then. As they grew up Patrick started to study and Frederic started an apprenticeship. Patrick quite his studies and once Frederic had completed his hotelier apprenticeship both became professional musicians.

After several years pursuing their musical careers they meet up and discovered that they had a great deal in conmen and then started to work together.

Kaiserdisco signed to MBF two years ago and have since then accumulated half a dozen top chart positions on Beatport and international fame.

What started as fun in 2008 with a remix for Phunklarique (one half of Piemont) and Pierce, got hugely successful and won an award as one of "Beatport's minimal top 10 selling tracks in 2008".

Their “Pipe!” EP (MBF 12052) was a raw and psychedelic EP to start off with which earned shouts from DJs such as Format:B, Len Faki, Technasia, Joseph Capriati etc. With their Zapateria EP (MBF 12055), they created their first summer hit and title song, the a-side “Espandrillo” got very high in the Beatport charts as well as selling very good through Kompakt distribution as vinyl.

Meanwhile also remixers such as Uto Karem and Hermanez had spread the fame, when the 3rd EP “Amalfino” hit the shops and evolved as the biggest hit they had so far. Climbing up to no3 in the Beatport sale charts and staying in the charts for over 3 months, “Amalfino” was hitting the bulls-eye in every respect.

Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Stephan Bodzin, Dubfire, Tiefschwarz were among the many to celebrate the track in their sets and to boost the popularity of Kaiserdisco.

Since then Kaiserdisco have been gigging in clubs and festivals around the world. Releases on on TERMINAL M and DRUMCODE, KLING KLONG and on MICRO.FON showed that their potential was huge.

Remixes for BOOKA SHADE, UMEK and Swedish pop singer ROBYN are cooking.

After five 12”s on MBF they decided it was the time for the next step in their career. With an album release Kaiserdisco would be able to really show their whole range of music. The album "In no one's Shadow“ (MBF CD004) will feature 10 brand new exclusive and unreleased trax, as well as their chart breakers "Aguja" and "Carachillo" and will be accompanied by a video and an album tour."

Kaiserdisco - Peak Tram
Label : Drumcode 079 / DC79

Kaiserdisco - Jaana (Original)
Label : Kling Klong Records

Kaiserdisco - Simplistix (Album Version)
Label : My Best Friend


To be a Live

"Mondkopf is 2009 french electronic revelation. His redefinition of french sound with Galaxy of nowhere, blending club and electronica, makes of him the best legacy of Brian Eno – as written by Les Inrockuptibles – and the direct follower of Modeselektor for Trax Magazine. Lately he’s been put under the light by European press and DJs for his remixes. Agoria, Busy P, Boys Noize or James Zabiela - who included ‘Bones Club’ in his Essential Mix for BBC1 and ‘Libera Me’ on his compilation for English club/label Renaissance. From festivals like Astropolis and Transardentes to places like the Grand Palais his live show is in constant evolution but surely remains one of the most intense of the electronic scene to experience. As a DJ his style his balanced between the radicality of his youth and a taste for telling stories : somewhere between Laurent Garnier, Ivan Smagghe, and Feadz, he delivers kinetic mixes of futuristic rave techno, trancey melodies, with a touch of house."

"Son nom signifie "tête de lune" en allemand et sa musique est qualifiée d'"électro spatiale" : des promesses d'évasions intergalactiques auxquelles l'on veut bien croire. Le jeune Français Paul Régimbaud aka Mondkopf est en effet un petit prodige de la scène électronique hexagonale. Cité par les Inrockuptibles comme "l’un des disciples de Brian Eno les plus imposants apparus en ce siècle des lumières noires", ses prestations scéniques en font, pour Chronicart, un possible "héritier du Warp période Artificial Intelligence".
A l'occasion de ce concert, Mondkopf s’associe au collectif graphique expérimental Trafik pour un live minimal, mettant en valeur les jeux d’images créés pour l’occasion."

Spring Festival

Nuits sonores
French indie & electronic festival
9th edition
1 - 5 june 2011
Lyon - France

Featuring : Caribou, Battles, Nicolas Jaar, DJ Shadow, The's, Luciano, Agoria, Laurent Garnier, Matthew Dear, Brodinski, Busy P., The Sonics, Joey Starr, Chilly Gonzales, DOP, Dennis Ferrer, Bot'Ox, The Galslamp Killer, Man or Astrauman, Assassin, Ninjasonik, Tortoise, Erol Alkan, Chloé, Joy Orbison, Shackleton, Josh Wink, Dj Sneak, , Discodeine, The Shoes, Mount KImbie, Souleance, Scuba, Shit Robot... & many more

Cutting edge tracks

"Popof is a French DJ/composer/arranger hailing from the rave party scene. A former member of the free-party underground collective “Heretik System”, he has now participated as a solo artist in countless events throughout France, other European countries, North America, Latin America, the Middle-East, Asia and Australia.
He is a versatile artist who explores various genres of music. Today, he stresses his preference towards minimal techno and electro. His cutting edge tracks are made within the best traditions of techno mixed with a sip of tech-house.
Popof is featured on various labels such as Turbo, Cocoon, A.F.U, Cr2, Mistakes and others and is often playlisted by many renowned artists: Tiesto, Benny Benassi, Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Sven Vath, John Digweed, Tiga, Sasha, Erol Alkan, etc. He has now become a superstar at the level that each release gets at least into the Top 5 download lists, if not the first place.
Popof is now very in demand for his remixes. The list of them is already quite impressive, it includes famous artists such as Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, Moby, Booka Shade, Vitalic, Tiga, Martin Solveig and others.
In 2009 he created his own label ”Form” to express his artistic ambitions more freely."

Dj Hardcore reconnu dans les raves et teknivals, Popof de son vrai nom Alexandre Paounov a abandonné la techno brute pour se lancer sur la scène techno minimale en 2007. Réussite totale pour le parisien qui mélange tech-house, electro et techno de minimale à progressive.
En 2009 il a fondé son propre label, Form, sur lequel il sort ses  productions. Gardant une marque de fabrique du beat dont il cache précieusement la formule, sa force réside dans le maniement et l'enchaînement des basses jouées avec une cadence ordonnée, lancinante et entêtante. Résultat : une puissance et une efficacité rare. Remixeur demandé (pour Tiga, Moby, Depeche Mode, Vitalic, Zoo Brazil…) Popof s'est fait un nom et une réputation internationale, notamment grâce à des dj set transcendants et d'une intensité hors norme.

Popof - Shades 
Label : Form music 
(Year : 2009)

Popof-Toxic love
Label : Notorious elektro 
(Year : 2008)

The Chemical Brothers - Horse Power (Popof Remix)
Label : Parlophone 
(Year: 2010)

Popof - My Toyz
Label : Skryptöm Records 
(Year : 2007)